“The Linde-way is the compliant way”. This is not only an empty shell or a lip service for Dr. Cornelia Gordzierz, Head of Compliance, Linde AG. In our Best Practice interview she shares her understanding of Compliance and explains why it is all about the three C´s „Caution, Courage, Commitment”. The triple C is the basis for sustainable Compliance. However, it is not always easy to be compliant and it requires sometimes Courage to do the right thing. Dr. Godzierz openly communicates about the “Linde-Way” of dealing with Compliance in day-to-day business. This Commitment could even result in rejecting a business opportunity in case the Company is not convinced of the reliability of the respective business partner. It is of utmost importance to create and live a culture of trust, openness and respect.  – thus to “walk the talk”.